Planning Tips: Pros & Cons of Holiday Weddings

Not sure if planning holiday nuptials is right for you and yours? We can’t blame you – there are so many great reasons on either side to have a holiday wedding. So many couples love having their special day this time of year – the holiday season in Nashville is especially dreamy! But there are just as many couples that avoid this time of year and instead pick a different season to host their wedding.  As your Dream Team, we’re here to help you weigh the pros and cons:

Holiday Decor

Pro: Holiday decor almost always doubles as event decor! Most venues have trees and garland throughout their spaces, and may even include twinkling lights on their outdoor foliage. How sweet is that?!

Con: If fairy lights aren’t quite your thing, or if you had your heart set on a special color palette with zero red, green, or even blue, then you might not feel too thrilled about this.

Dreamy Advice: Talk to your venue and see what can be done to eliminate holiday decor. Some locations may be happy to tone it down, especially if you strongly feel they take their North Pole decorations a little too far but expect additional costs for this service.


Holiday Plans

Pro: Close family and friends and all the people you’d want to attend will likely be traveling home for the holidays already, so adding your event to the list is multitasking at its finest!

Con: Interfering with holiday plans can sometimes be stressful for families who have set traditions and may feel uncomfortable changing them up.

Dreamy Advice: An easy way to appease this is to simply send your Save the Dates out well ahead of time. If everyone has plenty of notice, people can make holiday travel plans in advance.

Cozy Meals

Pro: Hearty meals are a winter staple, and many guests will look forward to a delicious one!

Con: Some guests, however, might be a bit overwhelmed with all the hearty and heavy meals they’ll be receiving around this time of year. And there’s only so much cranberry sauce one can eat!

Dreamy Advice: Create a unique menu with professionals who know and understand how to keep everyone’s palette satisfied without serving the same ole thing. Dream’s cranberry sauce meatballs are a crowd favorite because of the way the elevate a familiar and cozy flavor.



Holiday Themes

Pro: Hot cocoa, Frosty the Snowman, and more! The holidays mean you have a built-in seasonal theme to play with, so planning can be done much faster and can be much more creative when you get married this time of year.

Con: There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Holiday music and ugly sweater parties might feel fun and unique, but there is a chance your guests might be on their third similarly planned holiday gathering of the week. 

Dreamy Advice: Skip traditional holiday music and traditional holiday treats. Play a jazzed up version of “Let it Snow” while serving our Red Velvet Shooter and Bread Pudding – YUM.

Holiday Cheer

Only a Pro here! When everyone is together, it’s easy to find a reason to smile. And when you add your love to that, we would bet there won’t be a dry eye in the room. Whatever you decide to do, the Dream Team is always happy to help – contact us for all your planning needs at

Photos courtesy of Jen & Chris Creed.