Most Popular: Company Holiday Party Menus

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and with it comes gifts to wrap and parties to plan. And while we can’t provide help on the gift wrapping, party planning is second nature to the Dream Team! We’ve compiled the most well-loved dishes from past client holiday parties to help with the decision fatigue that comes with planning your winter event.


Sweet Potato Pancetta Pancake, Bloody Mary Shrimp

Pancetta and melt-in-your mouth sweet potato make a (not actually) lethal combination, leaving most guests speechless and craving more! We love starting a savory holiday meal with the Sweet Potato Pancetta Pancake – it’s an unexpected, although popular, appetizer!

Bloody Mary Shrimp is a popular brunch item that had made its way into the appetizer round for even the most formal events – who can say no to the spicy and salty combination?

Main Course

meal carving

Carving Stations, Beef & Blue Croquette, Savory Bread Pudding

For buffet-style gatherings, carving stations are an absolute must. Guests enjoy choose their cuts of meat, and with great reason: providing endless options and custom cuts adds a personal touch.

For a delicious side that stands out on its own, the Beef & Blue Croquette takes the cake. This well-loved party staple is simple enough to enjoy with a cut of meat but flavorful enough to enjoy solo. And that crispy finish makes it a favorite!

Savory Bread Pudding is a delicious take on a Southern Staple – adding in elements like kale, mushroom, or parmesan make this dense dish absolutely mouthwatering.


peppermint red velvet shooter

Peppermint Red Velvet Shooter and Bread Pudding

Not only is the Peppermint Red Velvet Shooter delicious, it is also absolutely gorgeous! The red and white look picture perfect for a winter event, while the just-bigger-than-bite-sized portion makes it ideal for gathering with multiple dessert options.

Bread Pudding is another staple to round out holiday party menus. One of our most-loved creations, Bread Pudding that melts in your mouth is a specialty that diners of all ages absolutely adore.

Looking to change up your winter menu, or provide something completely unique? It’s also becoming popular to serve up something different for guests, as they are eating holiday style meals everywhere else. Have an off-holiday-theme event, or bring out winter inspired flavors in unexpected dishes.

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