Dream Party Food: Best Vegetarian Menus

Move aside, sad salad bars: the Dream Team is here to fill your menu with vegetarian options so delicious, even carnivores will be tempted to taste! Adding a vegetarian option or two to your menu is a modern must to accommodate all types of eaters. Offering an entirely vegetarian menu is a great way to go healthy and cut down on your catering budget. We’ve pulled some of our favorite vegetarian options to show off the range and variety available with vegetarian event menus. Whether you’re planning a Nashville cocktail party or serving up a formal Franklin feast, there are plenty of ways to plan a delicious vegetarian menu for your next event or even on your wedding day.

Need more help deciding on vegetarian options for your next Nashville or Franklin TN event? Reach out to the Dream Team at hello@dreameventsandcatering.com.

Jen & Chris Creed Photography

Feature Fresh Flavors in a Vegetarian Cocktail Hour

Hors-d’oeuvres and appetizers are the perfect place to showcase fresh local vegetables, artisan breads and cheeses and other delicious vegetarian flavors. A current Dream Team favorite is our new Pumpernickel Mozzarella. These creamy, crunchy morsels are made with fresh bocconcini and a pumpernickel breading, served with a sweet peach compote for dipping. They never last long!

For lighter bites, we love serving up our gourmet play on Avocado Toast, with creamy mashed avocado, spicy red pepper flakes and a squeeze of lemon. Or try our popular wine-poached pears, featuring creamy Boursin cheese on a crostini – an unexpected twist on a cocktail party standard.

You can also shrink down larger party menu favorites into bite-sized versions; like our delicious berry & brie phyllo with raspberries. Be careful; you won’t be able to keep these on the tray for long!

Create a Vegetarian-Friendly Station

Chef-attended stations are perfect options for vegetarian-friendly menus, as they allow dishes to be customized for each guests’ tastes and dietary needs. Make menus instantly vegetarian-friendly without compromising on any options!

Jen & Chris Creed Photography

Lately, we’ve been getting rave reviews about our healthy Trio of Salads Station. This flexible menu option allows you to choose three options from a wide variety of salads, from classic Market Garden Salad to Candied Pear Salad, featuring mixed baby greens and honey poppyseed dressing.

Our seasonal side stations, featuring curated flavors for each part of the year, are perfect menu additions for vegetarians and omnivores alike. Whether you’re enjoying Tuscan Blistered Tomatoes and Parmesan Roasted Asparagus in the Spring or Mushroom & Gruyere Bread Pudding and Rosemary Roasted Carrots in the Fall, these vegetarian friendly sides are ready to steal the show.

For lighter menus (or smaller budgets!) consider offering your guests access to a Fruit & Cheese Station, featuring fresh seasonal fruit, market cheeses and gourmet crackers. Our Bruschetta & Crostini Station is another vegetarian-friendly favorite for cocktail parties or receptions, featuring delicious bites like our Mushroom Pate Crostini and Traditional Garlic Tomato Bruschetta.

Let the Vegetables Shine with Tempting Entrees

There’s no reason to hide vegetables in layers of lasagna! Feature farm-fresh ingredients prominently in your vegetarian entrees, and don’t be afraid to get creative!

Our Dream Team went to work re-envisioning modern vegetarian menus to create new entrees that are so delicious, even a die-hard steak fan might switch options. First up, our mouthwatering Cauliflower Steak, shown Nashville Hot ‘Chicken’ Style (sans the chicken, of course). Served with roasted beets and steams broccoli and the entree is vegan as well. This perfectly seasoned vegetarian entree is a perfect health-conscious option.

Our most popular new vegetarian entree has to be our Stuffed Portobello, filled with orzo, goat cheese, fresh basil and fire roasted tomatoes. This unique crowd pleaser is a refreshing option that works in every season.

For something a little more indulgent, look no further than our traditional Eggplant Parmesan. This decadent Italian favorite features creamy melted mozzarella and our roasted red pepper sauce. With this vegetarian option on your menu, you’ll discover you knew more vegetable lovers than you thought!

Need more help deciding on vegetarian options for your next Nashville party or event? Reach out to the Dream Team at hello@dreameventsandcatering.com.