Summer Wedding Menu Ideas

From appetizers to dessert, we’ve got your favorite summer picks covered. When it comes to choosing your summer wedding menu, it’s always good to go for fresh and light. Featuring the flavors of the season is always important, so go for the freshest berries and lots of fresh herbs!

We’ve created a list of summer wedding foods your guests will love. 

Caprese Skewer

You know the drill – tomato, bocconcini, basil, and of course, a balsamic drizzle. So simple, yet so good. These caprese skewers are the perfect bite-sized fan favorite to serve at your wedding, great for guests to pick up and have a refreshing bite while mixing and mingling.

Vegetarian Summer Rolls

Don’t forget about your vegetarian guests! It’s always good to have various dishes to suit different diets, and these summer rolls are a wonderful vegetarian option to include at your wedding. Ours are made with rainbow vegetables and vermicelli noodles, and then topped with a spicy peanut sauce.

Pink Pear Crostini

Brighten up your wedding day with our pink pear crostinis. Made with hibiscus poached pear, goat cheese, and topped with mint hibiscus reduction, these small bites are light, refreshing, and delicious! Their bright pink color also makes for a beautiful appetizer that will catch your guests eyes.

Crab Cakes

Our crab cakes are carefully crafted with fresh crab, old bay, and a dollop of yum yum sauce. These crab cakes are to die for. You can literally taste the love in these! A great way to add some fresh seafood that’s still filling for a summer menu.

Chipotle Popcorn Chicken

Fried chicken with chipotle chili sauce… and served in a waffle cone. What more could you want?! These delicious bites are great for including a heavier option alongside lighter seasonal menu items with fruit and veggies.

Lobster Rolls

You can’t go wrong with this New England classic. Fresh lobster stuffed into a mini baguette bun with melted herb butter to top it off. Can you say Y-U-M? This dish is the best mix between fresh, light, and pure comfort.

Ancho Spiced Shrimp N’ Grit Cakes

Shrimp is a great ingredient to add to your summer menu. There are so many ways to serve it up, and our diverse menu includes more than a few options! One of our favorites is our ancho spiced shrimp served on top of a seared grit cake with red peppers. Not a fan of grits? Shrimp skewers or shrimp spring rolls are the perfect alternative. Delicious any way!

Pimento Tomato

From presentation to freshness, these fried green tomato bites are the perfect choice for your summer menu. Tomatoes are at peak freshness in the summer, making for a scrumptious choice. Made with a fried green tomato topped with pimento cheese and a campfire sauce, you don’t want to pass these up!

Mini Key Lime Pies

Serving mini desserts is a great way to incorporate different tastes and have bite-sized options so your guests can keep the conversations going! The perfect mix between sweet and tart, our mini key lime pies are made with key lime custard inside a mini tart, and topped with whipped cream and thinly sliced lime.

Strawberry Shortcake Shooter

What better way to incorporate some fresh seasonal berries into your dessert? Our strawberry shortcake shooters are created with a sweet buttermilk biscuit, fresh local strawberries, and whipped cream. So much goodness in one bite your taste buds won’t know what to do besides go for another!