Ahi Tuna Wontons

Dream Event Tips: Networking & Reception-Style Events

Planning a networking or reception style-event poses its own set of unique challenges. Keep in mind as you plan a networking reception that your guests are there for business opportunities so the event design and menu need to accommodate handshakes and meet-n-greets (as well as making sure everyone enjoys themselves!). Make the right adjustments to your event planning strategy with our top networking and reception-style event planning tips:

Choose a Reception Menu that Sparks Conversation

Planning a successful networking event is all about facilitating conversation. Get the party off to a great start by providing something delicious and a little different for your guests to talk about! We are always experimenting with exciting new ideas for bite-sized reception appetizers, like our fresh and vibrant Ahi Tuna Wontons!

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Go for the unexpected to get guests at your networking reception chatting. Our new Protein Balls have quickly become a healthy favorite for corporate events and morning meet-n-greets. These bite sized carrot cake and coconut matcha bliss protein balls provide a quick pop of energy as well as a spark for conversation.

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Remember: a menu for a reception-style event should always feature bite sized, easy-to-eat morsels. It’s always easier to pop a quick bite than it is to find a plate, sit down and tuck in. Allow your guests to enjoy the menu without being distracted from the main purpose of the networking event.

Keep it Professional with Mocktails

Planning a networking event isn’t like planning any other party. While you want your guests to enjoy themselves, the purpose of the networking reception is to meet and mingle with new professional connections. Be sure that you facilitate a business environment by not putting too much focus on the bar.

While it’s perfectly fine to offer alcohol as an option at your networking event, give guests enticing choices beyond water to keep them feeling clear-headed and hydrated. Our mixologists love coming up with unique mocktail ideas, like this Firey Jalepeno Mocktail with Himalayan sea salt. Cheers!

Photo by Jen & Chris Creed Photography

An Infused Water Station is another creative networking reception menu idea: this healthy option is much more exciting than standard spring water, and encourages guests to keep hydrated throughout the evening.

Photo by Jen & Chris Creed Photography

Regardless of what you decide to include on your networking event menu, a few non-alcoholic options at the bar go a long way in encouraging guests to make the most of their evening.

Facilitate Mingling: it is a Networking Event!

The food, the drinks the decor: everything for your networking event or corporate reception needs to be chosen because it helps guests meet and mingle. Make it easy for your guests to keep their hands free to greet new people and exchange business cards.

Provide plenty of tables and trash cans throughout the venue so that guests have opportunities to toss their garbage or set down a drink for a few minutes to connect. Choose cocktail tables over seated dinner tables for networking events and corporate receptions: you want to encourage guests to move about and mingle. By keeping your guests and their needs in mind at all times, you can ensure that your networking event or professional reception is a huge success.

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