Gourmet Slider Station

Dream Picks: Late Night Snacks Your Wedding Guests Will Love

Between cocktail hour, main dishes, and dessert, you might think wedding guests couldn’t eat any more the rest of the night…but think again! After hours of hitting the dance floor and drinking from an open bar, stomachs will be grumbling. Late night snacks are a great addition to your reception. They should be small and easy to eat, so guests can get back to the dance floor or conversations with old friends and family.

We’ve created a list of late night snacks your wedding guests will love!


Serving classic wedding finger foods like sliders and fries will always be a hit. Plus, you can really customize your late night snack by adding all of the dipping sauces! Delicious, slightly greasy, and exactly what everyone needs at the end of the night. 

French Fries
Station Gourmet Sliders

A Taste of The South

If your wedding has Southern style, you can’t go wrong with a biscuit bar, a chicken and waffle station with hot or not fried chicken, or a classic Southern station with all the fixings. Your guests will go wild for comfort food at its finest. 

Biscuit Bar


With so many creative ways to serve, donuts are perfect for any late-night sweet tooth. Serve donut holes as a grab-and go option, or create a display of full-sized donuts! Add a sugary glaze or chocolate sauce for dipping for a touch of decadence.

Donut Station
Donut Display

Grilled Cheese, Please

Serve up a few trendy twists on the classic grilled cheese by adding various veggies or meats. The carb-heavy sandwiches will help refuel guests during the after party.

Grilled Cheese Station
Grilled Cheese Station

Mexican Must-Haves

Tacos, empanadas, tortilla chips, queso, churros with chocolate sauce… need we say more?!

Taco Bar Station
Taco Bar

Popcorn Bar

A sweet and salty option, a popcorn bar includes the best of both worlds. With options like cheddar and caramel, guests can customize their own mix. Include some to-go bags so guests can take some back at the end of the night!

Popcorn Station
Popcorn Station

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