Full Service Buffet vs. Drop-Off Buffet

When deciding how to serve food at an upcoming event, many arrive at the decision to offer buffet-style service. Buffets are a great choice for offering food that will please many guests, and they can be more cost-effective than plated meals. They work best for parties, lunches, pre-game functions, and many other social events. If you’ve already decided that buffet service is the way to go for your next event, another decision you’ll have to make is whether or not to offer a drop-off buffet or a full-service buffet. At Dream Events & Catering, we provide both buffet services and have compiled a bit of information on each to help you decide what would work best for you.

Full-Service Buffet

A full-service buffet includes every part of the buffet process. With this, you get start-to-finish service. Full staffing, decor, and clean-up are all included. Full-service buffets are more expensive, but if your goal is to completely outsource your catering needs or be able to relax at your event knowing someone else is managing foodservice–this option would fit best. Bonus: With this type of catering you get real dishes and linens, making full-service buffets eco-friendly.

Drop-Off Buffet

The less expensive option, a drop-off buffet, includes all food as well as paper + plastic + foil disposables. This type of service does not include decor or cleanup. A drop-off buffet is wonderful for more casual events such as school functions, tailgate parties, and casual team building events.  This choice does not include staff, so if you choose this style of catering service, we recommend enlisting a few friends to help with serving and clean up! We also offer options when it comes to your serviceware, including our more eco-friendly disposable plates & utensils.

Images provided by Jen and Chris Creed.

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