Guest Serving Themselves at Chef Station

Creative Food: Grilled Cheese Chef Station

Getting creative with food does not always mean thinking of the most unique recipes. Sometimes, it means taking crowd-pleasers and serving them up a bit differently. We are always inspired by comfort food, Southern classics, and home-cooked staples. Grilled cheese sandwiches check all three of those boxes. We love taking this classic dish and elevating it – enter the dreamiest grilled cheese station!

A grilled cheese chef station is a fun spin on this comfort food classic. Endless flavor combinations served straight from the chef. Savory, sweet and savory, and everything in between. The only real limit is your imagination. Bacon, jam, herbs, and every cheese under the sun is all fair game.

Not only can you dream up countless flavor possibilities (raspberry jam, white cheddar cheese, and jalapeno cream cheese, anyone?), but guests can enjoy them hot off the griddle. There really are few things better in life than biting into a hot and melty grilled cheese sandwich.

Dream Tip! One of our favorite tips here is making sure to cut them up into smaller portions. Guests love being able to try multiple combinations!

Photos by Jen and Chris Creed.

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