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Dream Tips: Company Holiday Party Checklist

Planning a company holiday party can sometimes feel like a daunting task, no matter how small or large your organization is. It’s the perfect opportunity for companies to give back to their employees, thank them for all their hard work with a thoughtfully planned event and a delicious meal. Whether you’re planning a formal event or a laid back party, here’s a company holiday party checklist to get you started:


  1. Set the Date: The holidays can be overwhelming with various social gatherings, so make sure to book the date as soon as possible. Also be sure to send a Save the Date as early so all employees can make arrangements to be there. With family obligations and other neighborhood events, you’ll want to make sure you get on everyone’s calendars as quickly as possible.
  2. Budget: Make sure your company has an allotted budget to cover the basics and any additional expenses for the event, including potential transportation or unique add-ons. Setting a general budget before you start planning will also help to determine what style of party and type of vendor will be the best fit.
  3. Style: Formal black-tie holiday gala? Ugly Sweater Party? Whatever style you’re going for, be sure to decide on it sooner rather than later. Your company culture and budget can help to determine the type of event your employees will most enjoy.
  4. Headcount: Often overlooked, a general idea of the number of guests you can expect will determine all your event details. Be sure to take spouses and children into account if you are including them.



  1. Location: After getting a headcount and a budget, determine which venues have your chosen dates available. The holidays can be a busy time for a lot of places, so definitely reach out to your favorite spaces as soon as you can.
  2. Transportation: Planning on having a post-work event? Including transportation for your employees is a thoughtful way to make sure everyone invited can easily attend. Party buses that leave your corporate headquarters will have your colleagues feeling incredibly thankful! Sober rides are also good option if you plan to serve alcohol.
  3. Food and Beverage: Planning a holiday menu can be a lot of fun! Pulling from your overall event style and theme, brainstorm on some holiday classics and unique dishes to satisfy every guest. Your caterer is your best resource here so be sure to lean on them for ideas. And don’t forget to be mindful of food allergies and dietary restrictions!

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  1. Photobooth: What’s a modern day event without a fun photo booth in front of a step and repeat? Plan for photos with fun props for a more laid back event, or book a more formal event booth for those black-tie events.
  2. Games: Having a more intimate company party? Bring on the games! Whether having a Kris Kringle or a White Elephant gift exchange, games make any party just a little more fun and lively!
  3. DJ and Music: Going for a fun dance party? Book a DJ or even a live band to really bring on that Nashville party fun! After all, what’s a good holiday party without a Christmas tune or two?


  1. Awards: A lot of companies take this time of year to also present company awards, showing extra thanks to those employees whose work was extra impactful throughout the past year. We love the idea of having a few awards during a seated dinner as a way to singling out the best performers on your staff!
  2. Goodie Bags: An extra fun add-on to a corporate event, having a goodie bag filled with useful swag (like a branded phone charger) or fun items (like branded sunglasses) is always a great way to show appreciation!
  3. Photographer: Having someone there to document the event is a great way to relive memories for years to come (as well as get some marketing content). Booking a photographer to capture the fun memories is a definite extra, although we consider it a must!
  4. Giving Initiative: Looking for your company to make a difference? Having a “Giving Initiative” for employees to compete is a wonderful way to impact the chosen community or charity of your choice, while the addition of a fun of a competition makes it more likely for all to participate! Whether you have a donation drive or guests compete to win for their charity this is a fun addition to like this makes giving back and meeting philanthropic goals an exciting team event.

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