Most Requested: Dream Comfort Food Menus

Our favorite comfort food menus are warm, fulfilling and always a crowd-favorite. Using gourmet ingredients, tried-and-true recipes and a little culinary creativity, we’ve curated our most requested comfort food menus that will have you and your guests feeling right at home at your next event or wedding. These satisfying menu options are perfect for cozy winter and holiday parties; but comfort food isn’t seasonal! Enjoy one or many of these delicious dishes at your events any time of the year.

Comforting Cocktail Hour Bites

The phrase “comfort food” conjures up images of heaping portions, but serving up some delicious down-home favorites in bite-sized versions can be fun for guests and hosts alike! Cocktail menus are a fantastic opportunity to play up classic comfort flavors in small & unusual packages. Our Parisian-inspired Mini Croque Monsieurs, Southern-style Mac n Cheese Bites, Deviled Eggs (3-ways) and Hot Chicken Bao where a Nashville fav gets a Asian twist) are always on our most requested list.


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Satisfy with Savory Stations

At Dream Events & Catering, we love using food stations where each guest can choose what appeals most to them, making it easier than ever to manage dietary needs, allergies and serve up a delish menu! Top favorites among our clients comfort food stations are our Sweet Potato Bar, equipped with gourmet toppings to customize each plate, our Mac n’ Cheese bar that pleases both the adult palette and the inner kid and our Sweets Station. This decadent display let’s guest choose from their favorite sweet and oh, so comforting bites!

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Bring Back a Taste of Home (and elegance) with Your Entrees

Buffet-style dinners are a top choice for serving comfort-style menus but these homey favorites can also be presented as an elegant plated meal. Whether you choose a favorite like our home-cooked fried chicken, herbed meatloaf or a mouthwatering prime rib, your guests will be enjoying a delish dinner and our most request comfort food menus.

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Classic Sides (with a Unique Twist)

Your comfort side dishes are the perfect opportunity to whip up a new take on a traditional favorite. Take our Smoked Gouda Mac n Cheese, where we give that creamy, cheesy pasta dish new life with a hint of smoky sophistication.

Sticking with cheese as the ultimate comfort food, our tasty White Cheddar & Sage Whipped Potatoes are a top pick of every comfort food inspired menu and serve up beautifully on a buffet or those aforementioned plated meals.

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Want more ideas for crowd-pleasing comfort food menus? Get in touch with the Dream Team to plan the menu for your next party or reception by reaching out to hello@dreameventsandcatering.com