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4 Ways to Create a Kid-Friendly Wedding

Including the whole family at your wedding often means including their families too, making your wedding kid-friendly a must do. Little ones might not always understand the significance of exchanging vows, but you certainly want them a part of your big day! And who doesn’t want a cute flower girl or adorable ring bearer?

But weddings aren’t always the most kid or parent-friendly affairs. Parents can often feel stressed by trying to divide their time between catching up with friends and caring for the kiddos, while little ones can feel left out or overwhelmed by such a large event. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to ensure that your dream day is fun for the whole family (without turning it into a kid’s party!) Here are some of the Dream Team’s favorite ways to make your wedding kid-friendly.

Create a Fun-Filled Kids Area

Designate a space in your venue as an official “kids-zone,” filled with games, toys and coloring pages! The biggest issue kids run into at formal events is boredom; so provide something fun for them to do, even if it’s right at their table. Coloring books, crayons, and stickers galore keep kiddos entertained while parents can enjoy dinner and listen to the toasts!

Hire a Nanny

Hiring a nanny to help is the best way to ensure that both parents and kids have a fun, stress-free evening. Parents can relax knowing that a vetted professional is watching over their little ones, and kids can have fun with pre-planned games! There are various services and companies that can set you up with a wedding day sitter. If there is someone there whose entire responsibility it is to make sure the kids are entertained, parents will be able to relax and the kids will be able to enjoy!

Walk the caregiver through the event plan, venue rules and provide any other details beforehand. If there are many children coming to your event, hire a few extra hands. A good rule is one adult for every five to six kids.

Offer a Kids Buffet or Menu

Talk to your caterer about creating a special kids menu or kid-friendly buffet featuring classic crowd-pleasers. Your five-year-old nephew might not appreciate the braised short ribs at the grown-ups table, but he’ll love the mac n’ cheese at his! There are plenty of easy and inexpensive options that are kid favorites, so this is a great way to engage your underage guests without spending much extra. Pro Tip: Make sure to ask your caterer for pricing on kids – most won’t charge a full adult price.

Give Bubbles & Crayons as Kid-Friendly Favors

Give your smallest guests gifts that double as toys they can use during the reception! Customize coloring pages that tell your love story, or offer bottles of kid-friendly bubbles!

For an outdoor wedding, we love letting kids get creative with sidewalk chalk. Just make sure to check with your vendor that sidewalk chalk is okay– you don’t need a big cleaning bill on your honeymoon.

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It takes a little extra planning to make your wedding kid-friendly, but there are plenty of ways to do it without letting the little ones take over. By including the kids, you ensure that both they and their parents can have a great time celebrating your wedding day. Isn’t that what it’s really all about?

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