Bride & Groom Posing With Wedding Party

How to Keep Your Wedding Guest List from Getting Too Big (and blowing your budget!)

When you are creating a wedding guest list, it can quickly get too big. It happens like this: you sit down with your fiance, computer or pen and paper in hand, and begin the list. The obvious names are written first. Then you span out a bit, add a few more. Sometimes, the groom or bride will call their respective parents and get a list from them, as well. It seems as if the guest list grows before your eyes. As the guest list grows, so does the wedding budget. At your wedding, more guests means more food, more drinks, more tables, chairs, centerpieces, invitations, favors – the list goes on and on. Here are our Dream tips for keeping your wedding guest list from getting too big:

Wedding “A” List and “B” List

Start with two lists, an A list and a B list. A List includes everyone you absolutely must have celebrate your wedding day with you. Your B List includes those you want to come, but not as much as those on your A List. As you being to get regrets from List A, you can start sending invites to those on List B. Make sure to send List A invites far enough in advance so that List B guests still get their invites in time.

Cut the List Down

First, cross out plus-ones. This should bring your list down significantly. Next, erase your co-workers or any separate group of people (you can celebrate with these people at a time separate from your wedding day). Finally, consider having an adults-only wedding. While the little angels are always adorable all dolled-up and cutting a rug on the dance floor, not having children at your wedding will be a kind act towards your wallet.

Questions to Ask

Consider these questions to help you determine if someone is a must-invite for your wedding celebration:

  • Will this person be a part of our future together?
  • Would I be offended if I wasn’t invited to their wedding?
  • Have you both you and your partner spoken to them or heard their name before?
  • Are you inviting this person out of guilt or pressure?

Hopefully, these tips help you celebrate your day with your favorite people, keep your wallet happy, and bring you one step closer to the wedding day of your dreams.

Feature image by Through Victoria’s Lens