Unique Breaks, Beverages & Snacks for Corporate Meetings

When you’re bringing your team together, it’s easy to stick to the basic platters and a coffee station. Here at Dream Events & Catering, we know that the way to someone’s most creative brainstorming is through satisfying their taste buds! Serving unique breaks, beverages and snacks at your company’s next conference or meeting is a great way to mix up tired menus, incorporate healthy or nostalgic options and surprise guests. Here are some of our favorite fresh ideas for catering corporate meetings and events.

Freshen Up with Whole Juice & Infused Juices

Whole juice and infused water stations are a fantastic way to offer your employees or attendees healthy options while adding a splash of color and style to your catered company event. These beautiful stations are a tempting feast for the eyes (and palette!) and encourage your guests to stay healthy and hydrated.


Photo by Jen and Chris Creed

Liven up the Room with a Popcorn Bar

Everyone enjoys snacking on popcorn! This much-loved movie theater treat is a fun and affordable addition to any corporate meeting menu. Give your employees plenty of flavors to choose from; like classic salted butter to gourmet Buffalo or “Chicago style” (a surprisingly delicious mix of caramel and cheddar!)

Photo by Jen and Chris Creed

Enjoy a Sweet Treat at an Ice Cream and Float Station

Make your meeting break feel like a true escape with a tempting ice cream and soda float station! Treat your guests to a mix-and-match sugar rush, complete with the nostalgic soda fountain details that keep it special. This fun and unique catering option for corporate events is the perfect way to shake up an afternoon agenda.

Think Healthy with Tempting Gourmet Treats

Providing healthy options for catered meetings is essential, but healthy does not have to mean boring or basic! At Dream Events & Catering, our gourmet chefs have whipped up some incredible healthy recipes that make delicious energizing snacks. Our Mini Acai bowls and Greek Yogurt Parfaits are both great breakfast options, while our carrot cake and coconut matcha bliss protein balls are the perfect way to recharge mid-day during a conference.

Photo by Jen and Chris Creed

Feel Like a Kid in a Candy Store Again

We love our healthy options for corporate meetings, but we also love treating the team to a little sugar rush at the end of a great day! Try a tasty doughnut wall featuring gourmet baked goods in a variety of flavors, or offer your team a taste of childhood with a spread of nostalgic candies.  A sweet bite-size break is sure to be appreciated and is a great way to end an event.

Photo by Jen and Chris Creed

Want to learn more about creative break, beverage & snack options for corporate meetings and events? Reach out to the Dream Team at hello@dreameventsandcatering.com.