This summer, Dream Events & Catering marks our 25th anniversary. To celebrate, we are skipping a fancy party and instead, are giving back to the community that has supported us for the last quarter century.  And we’re celebrating all summer long! Introducing the Summer of 25 Dreams, where the Dream Team will be feeding, empowering, supporting, championing, creating and committing acts of dreaminess all over Middle Tennessee.


Our Summer of 25 Dreams kicks off with Nashville’s Big Payback on May 3rd and continues through Labor Day Weekend. Below you can read through our Dreams for the summer – some big, some small, some in service to our clients & community, and some serving our team. With our company as diverse as our city, we wanted to be sure our dreams reflected this. Five spots remain, and we need your help to decide what these should be. Read more on how you can get involved below.


We hope you’ll join us in dreaming big this summer! Most of all, thank you for your support over the years. We are beyond grateful and look forward to continuing to serve the community that has served us.



Owner & Chief Manager

    1. Kick off our Summer of 25 Dreams with The Big Payback by feeding the hard-working volunteers that make it happen. Done! Nearly $2.6 million dollars were raised during the day-long event.  Visit The Community Foundation’s Facebook Page for a look at all the fun.
    2. Engage our community to get involved by sharing their dreams and acts of kindness using the hashtag #summerof25dreamsYou’re posting and we love it! Click HERE to download Summer of 25 Dream Badges that you can share on Facebook, Instagram, your blog or website to show your support and ask your friends to support as well. The more dreamers participating with us, the better!
    3. Collect 250 Items for Little Lady Big Cause’s Donation Drive supporting local, independent Middle Tennessee non-profits. WOWZA! We hit this dream out of the ballpark collecting thousands of items including clothing, toiletries, snacks, bottled water, household goods and more for local organizations in need. THANK YOU to everyone that donated!!
    4. Educate our community on the dangers of Food Allergies. Done! Read ways you can make your event allergy-friendly on our blog HERE.
    5. Help Women at Next Door connect to family & friends with Dream cards. Done! 250 cards, envelopes and stamps to keep in touch.  Thanks to Printer’s Press for donating their printing services.
    6. Reduce our waste through an ongoing partnership with Compost Nashville.  Done! The Dream Team saved 1285lbs of food waste from going into a landfill so far! Read more about how your home or business can partner with Compost Nashville HERE.
    7. Support local, independent businesses! Shop, eat, and drink at local restaurants, cafes and stores when possible. We rocked out this Dream! Who knew there were so many local coffee shops in Music City?!
    8. Hand out 25 Homeless Kits to people in need in our community. DONE! We ended up with more donations than we expected and were able to hand out 32 Homeless Kits in and around Nashville.
    9. Host a Diaper Wrap-Off for the Nashville Diaper Connection. One hour, hundreds of diapers – which dream team will wrap the most?!  DONE! We wrapped 3000 diapers in under an hour (woohoo!).
    10. Write 25 thank you cards to our clients, friends and vendor partners every monthDONE! 4 months and 103 cards to all the amazing clients, vendors, friends and supporters of Dream!
    11. Give 25 Comfort Bears to the Davis House Child Advocacy Center for child survivors of abuse. DONE! 
    12. Feed survivors of human trafficking in partnership with End Slavery TN. DONE!
    13. Attend Nashville’s Pridefest, supporting our LGBTQ Friends. DONE! Love wins!
    14. Stock the Nashville Rescue Mission with bottled water for their homeless station – providing hydration to the homeless all summer long. DONE! We donated 55 cases of water to help their cause. 
    15. Create a Job Well Done board, where Dream staff can highlight and shout out each other’s dreamy deeds. DONE! And filling up with accolades to fellow teammates.
    16. Watch a Total Solar Eclipse on Aug 21! Once in a lifetime event where we can stop and recognize how one small act can bring a community together. DONE! Our team celebrated this AWESOME experience with the team at Randi Events. We totality loved it!
    17. Hydrate golfers for Phoenix Rising‘s Annual Golf Tournament – helping raise money for men transitioning out of incarceration. DONE! Water and snacks went out the door and off to the tournament.
    18. Play Bingo and socialize with local seniors in partnership with FiftyForward. DONE! Such a rewarding way to spend a few hours – looking forward to volunteering again!
    19. Plant a Garden where we are source local, organic produce for use in our Dream kitchen. DONE! We already have lots of sprouting vegetables and herbs.  Looking forward to our fall harvest!
    20. Launch a Diaper Drive for the Nashville Diaper Connection to collect 10,000 DiapersWe are extending our fab summer by partnering with the Nashville Diaper Connection to collect 10,000 as part of our Holiday Party Promotion. Click HERE for details on how booking your party can help!
    21. Sponsor a sweet treat for the staff at Next Door for their summer celebration. DONE! We were happy to support their Beach and BBQ Bash, providing dessert for their hardworking team.
    22. Empower kids with disabilities in partnership with Able Youth. DONE! We had a great afternoon in our kitchen with a group of kids from ABLE Youth – check out the pictures HERE.
    23. Channel our inner cowgirl at Nurses for Newborns‘ annual fundraiser, Bucking for Babies.  DONE! 
    24. Celebrate our Dreamy Summer with the #DreamTeam and our neighbors with a summertime ice cream social! DONE! See pictures from our celebration on Facebook HERE.
    25. Encourage the Dreaming to continue!  DONE! We’ll be continuing our dreamy summer with a holiday diaper drive for the Nashville Diaper Connection and are encouraging companies and individuals to find causes that matter to them and continue the giving!

Hours Volunteered


Causes Supported


People Impacted


Dreams Accomplished!

Dreams are better when you work together, so here’s how you can get involved.


  1. Help us pick our final five dreams for the summer! Share your own dreams using the #Summerof25Dreams on Instagram & Facebook, and they will be posted to our Wall of Dreams below.
  2. Join us by giving to our Dream Donation Drive. We’re collecting items all summer long in partnership with Little Lady Big Cause, supporting a variety of local organizations in Middle Tennessee. See the needs list and details on donating HERE.
  3. Sign Up for our email list where we’ll send your updates on our dreamy summer.
  4. Follow our progress on Instagram & Facebook where we will be sharing details and behind-the-scenes photos from our dream.
  5. Last and most importantly, share with your friends and family! Click HERE to download Summer of 25 Dream Badges that you can share on Facebook, Instagram, your blog or website to show your support and ask your friends to support as well. The more dreamers participating with us, the better!

What are your dreams for this summer? Do you have a cause you’re passionate about? How are you supporting your community, your neighbors, and your Nashville this summer?

Your Dreams will post here when you share them using #summerof25dreams on Instagram and Facebook.

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