Saving the Environment with Compost Nashville | Summer of 25 Dreams

Being an environmentally friendly company and contributing to our local community’s environment is one of Dream’s top priorities and a small way we can make Nashville a bit more dreamy! As part of Summer of 25 Dreams (Dream #6!), we partnered with Compost Nashville to reduce our waste and lessen our environmental impact. By having Compost Nashville take our compostable wastewe were able to save over hundred of pounds of food scraps from the landfill. And you can, too!

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How It Works

Compost Nashville gives you a specially marked bin and then picks up your food waste and other compostables weekly. Your waste is carted away to be turned into life-giving soil and a clean bin is left in its place for the cycle to continue.  In April & May alone, the Dream Team saved 1285lbs of food waste from going into a landfill. Compost Nashville is making a huge difference in our community, and we are very proud to be a part of it!

Compost Doesn’t Just Happen

Contrary to popular belief, compost doesn’t just happen when you dispose of food in your garbage. Food waste left to rot in a landfill actually produces methane gas, not compost. Methane gas plays a key role in the depletion of our ozone layer and global warming. When you compost you lessen methane production and create usable, natural plant fertilizer.

Compost More Than You Think

You can compost more than just your fruit and veggies – paper-based products, soiled paper towels/napkins, waxed paper, and cardboard are all accepted by Compost Nashville. They even accept meat and dairy products and provided our kitchen with signage, making things incredibly simple. Giving your waste new life is a lot easier than you think!

Save the Environment The Right Way

Compost Nashville partners with The Compost Company, the only licensed processing facility in Tennessee, to ensure that your waste is properly composted and once again becomes life-nourishing soil for our planet.

Join us!

Your business and home can get involved easily! Setting up your own partnership Compost Nashville is easy to do – hop over to their website to get started.  Service to residential homes is $35/month (business services varies based on size & need). Plus! Compost Nashville will give you compost created by your waste twice a year that can be used in your garden.  Pretty cool!

To see what other dreamy ways we’re celebrating our 25th Anniversary this summer or to get involved, check out Summer of 25 Dreams.