Wedding Planning Tips: Outdated Ideas and Expectations

As we move forward into the new year, there are lots of things we’d like to leave in the past – and these outdated ideas and expectations are definitely on that list! The new rule is that there are no rules- plan your wedding as you see fit. Here are some outdated things we can’t wait to leave behind:


Mason Jars and Burlap

Now we love a good vintage wedding – there is nothing more stunning than bringing in timeless pieces from the past to add to your big day. But the mason jar + burlap design has gone on for far too long! We love how couples are forgoing these overused items and opting for a more unique vintage piece, such as old story books or rustic farm tables. Or better yet, we’ve seen couples bring in truly vintage items from home that hold a personal and sentimental value: it makes the idea of “vintage” so much more than just a theme.


Tulle used to be a cost effective way to dress up your venue. Lately, more couples are finding unique ways to dress up their weddings without it looking like a bad prom flashback – and we are loving it. Leave the big tulle behind and let your floral arrangements or more grown up linens be the focus. We love how couples are designing their days to be true reflections of their personalities and leaving the tulle table skirts out of the picture.


Bride’s parents must pay for the Ceremony and Reception, Groom’s parents must pay for the Rehearsal, the Bride and Groom must pay for hotel rooms, clothing, hair & makeup, etc.

These old school traditions and “expectations” about money are truly a thing of the past. These days, some couples pay for their big days entirely on their own! There are no more rules, so let your parents and other family members chip in where they see fit and forget the traditional expectations.


Groomsmen must be men, Bridesmaids must be women

We love a good mansmaid or groomswoman – and if you have a good friend who is the opposite sex, why wouldn’t you be able to honor him or her in your bridal party? Again, this old school tradition is really a thing of the past. Ask all your favorite girls or guys, no matter their gender, to join you on your journey down the aisle.

Seating Charts

You’ve seen the adorable signs on Pinterest: “We’re all family now so pick a Seat not a Side.” Well, those are popular for a reason! Having assigned seating during the ceremony, save for the bridal party and families of the couple, is truly an outdated idea that is already one foot out the door. Many couples opt to have more relaxed seating as a way of getting families to know one another, and with good reason. Separating the families is more of a bad habit than a good tradition. Nix those “sides” and let everyone sit where they please!

“Here Comes the Bride”

Hardly anyone walks down the aisle to the traditional “Here Comes the Bride” – we love when couples pick songs that are meaningful to them and have personal stories behind them. It makes this beautiful part of the ceremony so much more significant and sincere for the couple.

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