Meet the Dream Team: Kate B.

As a full service event company, our love for food and celebration inspires us to create dreamy dishes and unforgettable gatherings. Our passion for catering and entertainment, no matter what the event may be, inspires us daily to create personal relationships with our past, present and future clients.

None of this is possible without the combined efforts of our team. Each month on the blog we will be highlighting a member of the Dream Team and hope that you will have a greater sense of the love we have for what we do daily. The next team member we’re featuring in the series is Kate Beswick, Director of Administration. Learn more about her below.

Kate Beswick, Director of Administration

How long have you been on the Dream team?
Two years! I was looking for a place to work that cared for its employees and stumbled upon Dream.

What’s a typical day at Dream like for you?
It is never the same. Each day is different and that is what makes it exciting!

How do you stay on top of everything? Any organizational tips or tricks?
To-do lists! I live for a to do list. It keeps me focused and on task for my day.

Dream Team Arranging Flowers

How important is company culture and what do you do to maintain it?
Company culture isn’t just about having fun parties or activities. It is about learning about each other and how we can make each day better. I make an effort everyday to try and see each employee and say hello and see how they are.

What’s your favorite part about your job?
Becki! She is my absolute favorite part of my job. She teaches, guides and leads each and every one of us.

Table Setting
Table Setting

Where is one place you want to travel to?
Canada. It sounds so silly, because why Canada? But it has such a cool history and so many interesting places to go.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I enjoy eating. I am a huge foodie outside work. I love to try all the new places as well as the hole in the walls.