How To: 4 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Event

Every year, we are realizing more about the effect we have on our environment. Thankfully, businesses and organizations are beginning to step up and take initiative. Chances are, you probably want to do your part as well. With all of the information, planning an eco-friendly event menu can seem overwhelmingly complicated. But don’t let that stop you!  With a little planning ahead, an eco-friendly event menu is completely achievable! We’ve compiled a few, simple tips to consider when putting together a gathering that is environmentally considerate and eco-friendly.

Cut the Plastic

An easy way to make your next event eco-friendly is to get rid of plastic. Leave the plastic flatware and plates on the shelves and go for real dishes and real flatware.  And, let’s be honest… it’s going to look nicer, anyway. Use real dishes and flatware to create an upscale and environmentally conscious gathering.

Nicola Harger Photography

Bio-Degradable/Compostable Serving Pieces

While we’re on the subject of dinnerware, let’s also consider serving pieces. There’s plenty of bio-degradable dinnerware options that will keep your event looking beautiful and allow it to remain eco-friendly at the same time. Or, you can use simple re-usable serving pieces, like wooden or white platters. We CAN have both form and function!

Sustainable Seafood

Now, for the fun part. Food! Sustainable seafood is a great pick for any eco-friendly event – Oceana maintains a list of the best choices for sustainable seafood and options to avoid. And the options are literally endless: shrimp tacos, blackened catfish, oysters Rockefeller… Ok, now we are just getting hungry! Dreamy bonus: Often the eco-friendly choices are also less costly. Our culinary team can help you design a menu that is delicious and ocean-friendly.

Seasonally & Locally-Sourced Food

We love this one: locally-sourced food. Nashville has a bevy of committed farmers, many of whom are organic, where we can source fresh produce, meats, dairy products year-round – all the ingredients to create a feast! Not only will your event support the local community & farmers, but it will also reduce pollution created by sourcing food from abroad.

We hope these simple suggestions will help you create an event that is beautiful and eco-friendly! There are so many different things we can do in this area, sometimes it feels overwhelming. But we believe starting somewhere is better than not starting at all!

Want to do your part, but feel overwhelmed? We can help you plan your next eco-friendly event! Contact us at hello@dreamseventsandcatering.com to get started!