Fall Old Fashioned Signature Cocktail

Dream Picks: Our Favorite Fall Signature Cocktails

Fall in love with these festive, fall cocktails, packed with seasonal flavors that are guaranteed to warm you up even on the coolest autumn nights. These are just four of our favorite creations, each to delight your palate and impress your guests! Amp up the presentation by paying special attention to your garnishes: a bourbon soaked cherry or roasted fig can make all the difference.

Blackberry Fall Fashioned

1 tbsp blackberry jam
1.5 oz bourbon or rye whiskey
Dash of Peychaud’s Aromatic Bitters
Bourbon-soaked cherries

Combine the jam, bourbon, and bitters in a shaker, and shake well. Pour into a rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with a bourbon-soaked cherry, blackberry, and orange twist.

Full Moon Martini

0.5 oz coconut cream
1.5 oz vodka
Dry ice

Combine the coconut cream with your choice of vodka in a shaker, and shake well. Dip the rim of your glass in water, coating just the rim. Let any excess water drip off. Pour sugar onto a small dish and dip the rim of the glass into the sugar. Pour the martini into the glass and garnish with blackberries. Add dry ice to make it spooky!

Full Moon Martini Signature Cocktail

The Toasted Fig

2 fresh figs
1.5 oz dark rum
Splash of vanilla Demerara syrup
Cream soda

In a large shaker, muddle the figs. Add ice, rum, and simple syrup, and shake well. Pour all contents of the shaker into a hi-ball glass. Top with a splash of cream soda. Garnish with a roasted slice of fig.

Apple Jack Old Fashioned

1.5 oz Woodford Reserve
0.5 oz Applejack liqueur
0.5 oz apple cider
2 dashes of Bitterman’s Barrel-Aged Bitters
Pinch of Demerara sugar

Combine the ingredients in the order they’re listed, and stir. Garnish with an orange twist and cinnamon stick. Enjoy!

Fall Old Fashioned Signature Cocktail

Let us help you craft a custom cocktail for your party or create a tasting menu around your favorite fall spirits. E-mail us at hello@dreameventscatering.com to start working with our Dream Team on your next event.

Photos by Jen & Chris Creed.