Dream Trends: Wedding Cake Trends

Wedding cake trends in 2019 are all about the non-traditional. From doughnuts to dark (think black) icing to a mini dessert bar–2019 is the year of no cake or unique cake! Here’s our dreamy trends to watch:

Cake-less Wedding Cake Trend

We really dig this wedding cake trend. We’ve definitely created our fair share of doughnut cakes and the like, we but we see this trend as becoming even more popular this year. Couples are choosing to have their “cake” be comprised of things like macaroons or doughnuts.

Photo by Dove Wedding Photography

Dark Icing

2019 is definitely darker. In terms of cake icing, we mean. We are seeing wedding cakes with black icing, burgundy icing, and navy blue. This trend fits with a variety of wedding themes– upscale, elegant, whimsical, or modern. We love how florals and greenery pop with this trend.

Photo by Vanilla Bake Shop via Wedding Wire

No Cake At All

We’ve been seeing this wedding cake trend pop up a lot. The cake is delicious, but for the sake of tradition, sometimes the other delicious sweets get forgotten. Not anymore! Think mini dessert bar, a candy bar, tiny cakes, or pies. This trend allows for guests to pick and choose their favorite sweet treat!

Photography by Morgan Franklin Creative

Photography by Amy Allmand Photography

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