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Dream Tips: How to Plan Your Wedding Menu During COVID-19

As couples face the heartbreaking decision to either postpone or adapt their wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic, our team at Dream Events & Catering is here to support you. While we continue to prepare and serve delicious food with extraordinary care, we have put together a list of tips on how to plan your wedding menu during COVID-19. 

Plated Meals
While buffets and interactive stations are typically great options for reception meals, as a precautionary measure we recommend opting for plated meals. This prevents multiple people from touching the same utensils, such as tongs and spoons, throughout the course of the night.

Plus you’ll have more control both in terms of presentation, food pairings, and timeline. Plated meals are more efficient. No more waiting in line for food! Toasts to the newlyweds can be spread out between courses, not only so guests can give their tummies a break between courses, but also as a way to keep guests engaged. Finally, you’ll be able to save money on food costs. In our eyes, it’s a win-win!

Plated Meal COVID-19 Wedding Menu
Plated Meal COVID-19 Wedding Menu

Batched Cocktails
Bar service looks much different these days, but that doesn’t mean cocktails can’t be served at your reception! Select a signature drink (or two) that can be made in a larger batch. These can be waiting at the table when guests are seated and toast ready. Batched cocktails allow bartenders to move more quickly and prevents long lines at the bar.

If you prefer wine and beer, select a couple of each for guests to choose from. These can also be poured and served table-side.

Signature Cocktail

Individual Desserts
Mini desserts are so 2020! Save on a tiered cake and serve guests mini shooters. After consuming multiple courses and plenty of drinks, attendees will be thankful for a smaller sweet treat. You can also incorporate a variety of cakes and frostings with mini shooters, so there is something for everyone.

If cake isn’t for you, serve dessert boxes with a variety of sweets for each guest. If they’re too full to eat it after the main course, friends and family will be able to take the box home to eat at a later time.

Mini Dessert Shooter
Mini Dessert Shooter
Strawberry Shortcake Shooters

Donate Your Extra Food
If you’ve drastically cut your guest count, instead of trying to make cuts to the menu, consider donating your extra food. Supporting a small business and the community is another win-win.

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