Dream Tips: Event Parking Challenges in Nashville

When planning an event in Music City one of the most challenging aspects is parking. It’s no secret that parking in downtown Nashville can be difficult and frustrating. Here are our best tips for overcoming these parking challenges when planning your event.

Tip 1: Valet

This is a great option for your guests as it ensures easy parking and lets guests pull up to the event entrance. Plus, it’s not as cost prohibitive as you might think. Often you are looking at $5 per car. It’s also reasonable for you to pass this minimal charge to your guests when hosting a networking event or reception (valet should be inclusive at a wedding). Be sure to mention that valet parking is going to be provided for a fee at your event so your guests know to bring cash.

Tip 2: Shuttle Guests

Mini coaches, buses, trolley, all of these are great for weddings or corporate events where all your guests are based at a few hotels. It will allow guests to mingle and relax before your event gets started. Bonus Tip:  Have local guests meet at the hotel where they can be shuttled with everyone else to an event with tricky parking.

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Tip 3: Ride Share

Door to door service! Uber or Lyft are both available in Nashville and often will partner with event hosts, creating promo code specific for your event and your guests. Each service will allow you to set a budget, if your guests don’t use the entire budget you will be refunded the remainder. Include the code in the invitation to be sure your guests know to take advantage of this service!

Tip 4: Partner with Local Businesses

If your event is after normal business hours, connect with businesses in the neighborhood to see if they will allow you use of their parking lot. Once you get the green light, post signage or have parking attendants guide guests to park your neighbor’s lot.

Tip 5: Parking Garages

Park It Nashville is a useful website with all the downtown parking garages, rates and special deals. For example, the Metro Courthouse garage is available most weekends and after 6 pm on weekdays for $5 while the Library garage is available for $10 after 6 pm and on the weekends (double check availability for holiday and special events). Using this resources you can provide a simple map that directs your guests to parking within walking distance so they feel safe and secure about the best spot to leave their car and enjoy the event.

Parking in Nashville can prove challenging so planning ahead is key. Need some logistics support for your upcoming event? Let the Dream Team manage your guests’ transportation – contact us at hello@dreameventsandcatering.com.