Dream Tips: All Your Wedding Tasting Questions, Answered

Congratulations on your engagement! If you are in the beginning stages of your wedding planning, you will probably have your tasting soon. The purpose of a wedding tasting is to finalize the menu and iron out any wrinkles with your potential caterer. We recommend booking your tasting appointment early in the process. When planned well, it can be a fun and memorable part of wedding planning!

We have anticipated answers to questions you might have to help you maximize your time with your caterer. Our tips will help you prepare for your upcoming tasting so you can have an enjoyable and stress-free experience— and so the rest of your wedding planning can follow suit!

Chicken Salad Wontons on Tray

Where to start.

Have the menu somewhat determined before the tasting. You will want to have a rough idea of the theme you have in mind with your general concept and choices mostly finalized. A tasting will help you choose between options A and B, and if you’re tasting a ton of dishes, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Plus, there’s a chance you might fall in love with everything and blow your budget.

Keep your appointment small.

You will want to avoid having too many cooks in the kitchen (no pun intended). Too many people = too many opinions. Remember, the wedding is ultimately about you and your fiancé, so you should come prepared to make big decisions and choose options that will make YOU happy. You can always ask your family and friends for their input later if you need help deciding!

Ahi Tuna Wonton Crisps on Tray

Know before you go.

Before you go, we recommend creating a list of questions to ask during your one-on-one time with the caterer. It’s easy to get sidetracked when you’re chowing down on dreamy mini bruschetta and hot chicken sliders! Things to consider: What is your head count? What are your guests’ dietary needs? How will menu items be served? How will the guest tables be set? Do you want stations or buffets? Are there any back-up options just in case ingredients aren’t available on your wedding day?

Make the most of it.

Depending on the caterer, your first tasting is usually complimentary, but because they are quite labor-intensive, an additional tasting will likely come with a hefty fee. Make sure you hammer out all of the details about the venue and kitchen space at your appointment. Don’t leave without making sure all of your questions are answered— and, of course, bring your appetite!