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Dream Tips: Planning Outdoor Parties

Now that the weather is nicer and the days are longer, you might be dreaming of dining al fresco, watching the sunset in the backyard with some friends, or even hosting a company cookout or happy hour to socialize outside of the office. Outdoor vibes and fresh air always make an event feel more open and inviting, and, for some reason, drinks and food always taste more delicious, too! Outdoor parties will never go out of style. They’re effortless, accessible, and, with Dream, they’re always beautiful.

Here are some important things to take into consideration if you want your outdoor party to go smoothly. You definitely don’t want guests constantly swatting at bugs or unable to see their food once night sets in!

The main things to keep in mind when planning outdoor parties are the elements: heat, cold, rain, bugs, and sun exposure. While you can’t control these things, you can definitely plan for them!

Our top tips for planning outdoor parties:
  1. Create bug spray and hand sanitizing stations for guests.
  2. If the weather is cool, set out portable heaters or create fire pits.
  3. If the weather is warm, bring fans or portable AC units to help circulate the air.
  4. Rain in the forecast? Make sure you have a rain plan with an alternate location or tents.
  5. Having an event during peak sunlight? Tents work well to provide some shade, and setting up a sunscreen station will help keep guests safe and comfortable.
  6. If your event is going well into the evening, make sure to plan some lighting options for after the sun sets.
  7. If you’re setting up on uneven ground, like grass or a stone patio, space tables out so people can more easily move their chairs to get up and down as they need.
  8. Instead of a plated meal, opt for food stations or buffets for that casual outdoor atmosphere so guests can serve themselves.
Hand Sanitizer Station

Weather and outdoor elements can be a bit unpredictable, but with the right planning, you can create an event that will be memorable, magical, and comfortable.

Photos by Honey and Bee Photography, and Allie Chambers.

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