Cocktails With Liquor Bottle And Plate of Oysters

Dream Picks: Our Favorite Spring Cocktails

Spring has sprung, so that means it’s officially time to raise a glass to warmer weather, longer days, and brighter times. Springtime cocktails are all about incorporating fresh and flavorful ingredients. Whether you’re hosting a backyard gathering with a few friends or finalizing the details for your intimate spring wedding, we’ll make sure you’re prepared with plenty of light and refreshing sips! Check out our ideas on how to work spring into your glass that guests will love.

Garnish Galore

Your signature cocktail should look as good as it tastes. Garnishes can elevate any libation and leave a lasting impression on guests. From garnishing the rim of a glass with a citrus peel to adding a sprig of lavender or an edible flower, this simple touch will add a spring feel to any cocktail

Try these dreamy recipes:

  • Gin + Lemon Juice + Lavender Simple Syrup + Club Soda + Lavender Sprig
  • Vodka + Elderflower Liqueur + Fig + Apple + Honey
Spring Cocktail with Sprig of Lavender
Signature Cocktail

Fresh Flavor

Building a beverage around berries or juicy citrus fruit always results in a light and flavorful cocktail. Guests will feel cool and refreshed while sipping on these as the spring days get warmer. Bonus points if you add a little sparkling water!

Consider these dreamy recipes: 

  • Champagne + St. Germain + Blueberries
  • St. George Chile Vodka + Coconut Water + Sparkling Water + Muddled Jalapeño + Lime
Signature Cocktail with Blueberries

Recreate Memorable Moments

Did your soon-to-be spouse propose while you were vacationing together in Mexico and sipping on palomas? Did you study abroad in Italy one spring semester and have some life-changing experiences? Whatever your most nostalgic flavor memories may be, you can share these special moments with guests by recreating a cocktail that offers a fresh take on the season. 

Craft these dreamy cocktails: 

  • Gin + Pressed Lime + Mint + Cucumber + Rosemary + Simple Syrup
  • Prosecco + Aperol + Topo Chico Sparkling Water

Photos by Jen and Chris Creed and SWAK Photography.

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