Dream Catering Tips: How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Tasting

Couples typically request a wedding tasting before their wedding day. The purpose of a wedding tasting is to finalize the menu and iron out any questions or concerns ahead of time. When planned and executed correctly, these tastings are another fun and memorable part of the entire wedding experience for you and your partner.

Here are some tips to make the wedding tasting process fun and maximize your time with your wedding caterer:

  1. Keep it intimate. Too many people = too many opinions and could result in confusion.
  2. Have the menu (mostly) determined before the tasting. Your concept and choices should be mostly finalized, you just want to confirm option A vs. option B. If you’re tasting tons of dishes, it easy to get overwhelmed and there’s a chance you might fall in love with everything – which could easily blow your budget.
  3. Come prepared. We recommend creating a list of questions to ask. It’s easy to forget all the details when you’re chowing down on dreamy mini bruschetta and hot chicken sliders! What dietary needs should you be mindful of? How will things be served? How will the guest tables be set? What are back-up options in case something is not available on your wedding day? These are the kinds of things you want to determine as part of your tasting.
  4. We will reiterate number 3 here. Make the most of this tasting, as most caterers will only include one. Tastings are quite labor intensive for caterers, so an additional tasting will likely come with a fee.


Photo by Jen and Chris Creed Photography

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