Creative Meeting Food: Upscale Taco Bar

Let’s set the typical scene: lunch hour meeting or midweek conference time. Meeting attendees pile into the room, scanning the food for sustenance and something to brighten up the ho-hum of the day or week. And, what do they usually find? Sugar and carbs. While we love sugar and carbs, we also know that food can fuel or dissipate energy. And when you have a group of people in a room (of whom you’re desiring a certain amount of creativity, interaction, and productivity)– you need to fuel them.

Things to consider when planning a creative food menu for your next business meeting:

  • Variety (something for everyone)
  • Food that fuels (a balanced meal – protein, veggies, and carbs)
  • Out-of-the-box offerings (a fun dessert, creative salad dressings, etc.)

At Dream Events & Catering, we adore dreaming up creative meeting food menus that delight the tastebuds, awake the mind, and nourish the body. So, we recently created an upscale taco bar for a meeting that did just that. Meeting attendees at the Beyond Business Workshop were treated to a fun and creative buffet of healthy and delicious Mexican-inspired offerings. A black bean and corn garden salad was the opener, with a rainbow of vegetables and two scrumptious dressings for guests to choose from. Headlining the taco bar were our chicken tacos, carnitas tacos, and veggie tacos, with charro beans and street corn salad as side dishes. And the grand finale–because no taco bar is complete without this– was our mini churros with Mexican chocolate drizzle.

Corporate meetings, business luncheons, and workshops are necessary for collaboration and professional growth. When you’re spending time and money gathering people to accomplish a certain goal, you want it to be worth everyone’s time. And we believe the right food brings people together by fueling them and creating a fun, shared experience.


Photos by Sarah Bill Photography.

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