8 Dreamy Southern Wedding Must-Haves

Nobody does it quite like the South, and that goes especially for weddings. Everyone knows: a southern wedding always has something extra special to it. Call it ‘southern hospitality’ or plain ole’ charm, there are a few details that set a southern wedding apart from a standard affair.

Here is our list of the top eight southern wedding must-haves!

1. Custom Calligraphy Signage, Y’all!

A real southern belle isn’t about to let one detail of her big day go unnoticed! Beautiful custom signage makes welcoming your guests, giving directions, and sharing menus or itineraries a treasured part of the decor. For a true southern twist, be sure to embrace fun southern sayings in a scripted font.

2. Truly Southern Signature Cocktails (and Mocktails!)

Your guests will wet their whistles with the best; and at a southern girl’s wedding, that means good bourbon and sweet tea. For a fall wedding, you’ll love our seasonally semi-sweet Blackberry Fall Fashioned, best served with a twist and an old friend. It’s popular to design a custom cocktail and mocktail or two for your wedding featuring your favorite southern ingredients – we have lots of tried and true and southern recipes to choose from.

Dream Events & Catering, Signature Cocktails for Fall, Nashville TN lg (2)Photo by Jen & Chris Creed

3. Seersucker Suits and Pearl Jewelry

Add a little classic southern style to your wedding party by dressing your groom and groomsmen in seersucker. This sharp look will set your man apart and offers so many opportunities to customize to his unique look!

For your bridesmaids, consider gifting them each a piece of timeless pearl jewelry. This thoughtful accessory will add a touch of southern charm to their look, and serve as a perfect gift to thank them for being a part of your big day!

 4. A Pre-Wedding Bridal Luncheon or Shower

No southern wedding is ready to begin until the bride is completely pampered. Before you tie the knot, get your girls together for a bridal luncheon and shower to celebrate! This event is a perfect opportunity for your family, friends and bridesmaids to get to know one another and celebrate the coming nuptials! While bridal showers have become more mainstream, charming decor and abundant blossoms and a southern inspired menu are must-haves for your darling Southern affair.

5. A Post-Wedding Brunch

While we’re talking wedding events, a post-wedding brunch the morning after your big day is a thoughtful way to display your southern hospitality. This warm, casual event is an opportunity for guests to spend a little extra time with you and your groom before the celebration comes to an end. Especially if you have out of town guests, you’ll want to enjoy as much extra time together as you can.

We’re happy to answer questions about your bridal luncheon or post-wedding brunch. One benefit of working with the same team throughout the wedding is that you can keep coordination simple as well as ensure the menu and style are unique, yet cohesive for all wedding-related events.

6. Comfort Food, Served in Style

We love our comfort food: fried chicken, warm cornbread, shrimp and grits– the meals we grew up eating. While southern comfort food is based on good home-cookin’, that doesn’t mean it can’t be dressed up for a glamorous event! Modern haute cuisine has twisted the traditional southern comfort food dishes, leaving us with playful renditions of old favorites that look beautiful and taste just like mama made them. Check out our whimsical southern menu at the Cedarwood Style Show where we took a gourmet spin on pimento cheese, chicken salad, shrimp and grits and even meatloaf!


Photo by Jen & Chris Creed

 7. Dreamy Lounge Areas with a Vintage Vibe

A southern girl loves to dance all night, but she also loves a place to kick off her heels and relax with a glass of champagne. Your guests will appreciate lounge areas with soft seating at your reception, where they can relax and chat over your delicious signature cocktails. Be sure to add some traditional southern style by using vintage-inspired rentals, romantic details, floral arrangements and soft lighting.

 8. A Fun Photo Booth for Capturing the Memories!

You’ll have your photographer, but to capture the best group photos of your friends and family, the most candid moments and the cheesiest grins, you’ll need to rent a photo booth. This fun wedding detail is one all of your guests will appreciate, and you will all love looking back on the memories of your special day.

The details that will make your wedding special are the ones that tell your guests a little more about who you are as a couple. Choosing to work in southern-inspired decor, tastes and ideas will add the warmth of southern hospitality to your big day, and make your guests feel right at home. Want help tying your vision together? Our team is a pro at wedding design, planning and coordination. Contact us at hello@dreameventsandcatering.com.