Flight of Deviled Eggs

8 Dreamy Southern Wedding Must-Haves

When it comes to weddings, nobody does it quite like the South. Everyone knows Southerners love an excuse to throw a big party, and you can always count on great food, friendly faces, and a welcoming atmosphere. Call it Southern hospitality or just plain ole’ charm, but there are a few details that set a Southern wedding apart from a standard affair.

If you’re planning a wedding here in Nashville, here’s our list of the top eight must-haves.

1. Custom Calligraphy Signage

A little attention to detail and artistry doesn’t go unnoticed! Beautiful custom signage makes welcoming your guests, giving directions, and sharing menus or itineraries an elevated, eye-catching part of the decor.

Calligraphy Signage

2. Truly Southern Signature Drinks

The South has experienced a boom in locally made whiskey and bourbon, and we’ve got artisan cocktails worthy of a spot on your wedding bar list. Try The Downtown, one of our specialty Old-Fashioneds made with Blanton’s bourbon, a dash of cinnamon, and orange bitters. Want something a little more personalized? Tell our team about your favorite spirits and we’ll craft something around the best southern ingredients. Plus, we have plenty of tried and true classics like mint juleps or alcohol-free options like sweet tea.

Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail
Reusable Mirror Decor Signature Cocktail Sign

3. Regional Blooms

Enjoy the unique natural beauty of the region by adding some distinctly Southern flowers to your bouquet and decorative arrangements. Lush hydrangeas are always a winning choice, pink camellia can be a show-stopper, and don’t forget about distinct and fragrant gardenia or magnolia flowers.

4. A Pre-Wedding Bridal Luncheon or Shower

No Southern wedding can begin until the bride is completely pampered. Before you tie the knot, get your girls together for a bridal luncheon and shower to celebrate! This event is a perfect opportunity for your family, friends and bridesmaids to get to know one another and celebrate the coming nuptials. While pre-wedding showers have become more mainstream, charming decor, abundant blossoms, and a Southern-inspired menu (think deviled eggs and cucumber sandwiches) are must-haves for your darling Southern affair.

5. A Post-Wedding Brunch

Speaking of wedding events, a post-wedding brunch the morning after your big day is a thoughtful way to channel some Southern hospitality. This warm and casual event is an opportunity for your guests to spend a little extra time with you and your new spouse before the celebration comes to an end. And if you’re throwing a destination Nashville wedding, you’ll want to soak in as much of the city as you can with your loved ones.

We’re happy to answer questions about catering a pre-wedding luncheon or post-wedding brunch. Our local team can help keep your planning and coordination simple and ensure your menus have a cohesive style and Southern flair.

6. Elevated Comfort Food

Here in Nashville, we love our comfort food: fried chicken, buttery cornbread, shrimp and grits, and all the other classic meals we grew up eating. Serving up some Southern favorites is the most popular way to bring that distinctive Nashville flair to your wedding, and we can dress these down-home dishes up for any glamorous event! Hot chicken and waffles is one of our most-requested items, and check out some of Southern specialties served up at the Cedarwood Style Show where we put a gourmet spin on pimento cheese, chicken salad, turnip greens, and even meatloaf.

Fried Chicken and Waffles Station

7. Dreamy and Relaxing Lounge Areas

Life can move a little more slowly here, so why not embrace the vibe and provide a quiet area where guests can catch their breath and relax with a glass of champagne. Plan a few lounge areas with soft seating at your reception where family and friends can relax and chat over your delicious signature cocktails. Be sure to add some traditional Southern style by using vintage-inspired furniture, romantic details, floral arrangements and soft lighting. Bonus points if these relaxing spots take advantage of the warm weather outside!
Lounge Area with Brown Leather Seating
Bride Sitting on Round White Ottoman

8. Yard Games

One of our favorite ways to break the ice at an event in the South is with a yard game, and they’re a perfect fit for weddings—especially during an outdoor cocktail hour! Think easy-to-play options like cornhole, giant Jenga, and horseshoes. You can even personalize game pieces with engraving, calligraphy, or color to match the overall decor of your big day. Plus, yard games are a great way to entertain any kids in attendance.
Custom Cornhole
Custom Cornhole 2

The details that will make your wedding special are the ones that tell your guests a little more about who you are as a couple. Choosing to work in southern-inspired decor, tastes and ideas will add the warmth of southern hospitality to your big day, and make your guests feel right at home. Want help tying your vision together? Our team is a pro at wedding design, planning and coordination. Contact us at hello@dreameventsandcatering.com.