4 Unique Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Reception

Wedding traditions are timeless and beautiful, but standard receptions are truly a thing of the past. We love to see couples personalize their wedding receptions to be most honest reflections of them, their tastes and their cultures. You can certainly be traditional while still adding subtle unique touches to make your big day all your own. We’ve compiled 4 unique ways to personalize your wedding reception to make your celebration a dreamy one!

Signature Cocktails (and Mocktails, too!)

This unique wedding trend is here to stay! Add a bit of your personality by sharing your favorite drinks with your guests. We love a “his favorite” and “her favorite” selection at the bar. Not sure what your favorite drink of choice is? Work with master mixers to create something special for the big day, or even get specialty juices for your sober or health-conscious friends! Guava or mango juice provides a refreshing treat, or milkshakes can be a fun treat for guests of all ages. Nothing is out of reach for your celebration.

A Menu That You Love

Love yourself some brunch? We can’t blame y’all! Who says a fancy dinner has to be served? As your first meal as a married couple, you should choose your favorite foods. Whether that is breakfast for dinner or a special ethnic cuisine, choosing a menu with your favorite things is a wonderful way to kick off married life while personalizing your wedding reception!

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Creative Table Numbers

Be a little inventive with your table numbers! Get creative and share something special about yourselves with your guests through this necessary staple – whether it’s tables named after your favorite cities or your favorite novels, you can easily personalize this detail and take it from standard and normal to unique and fun!

Non-Traditional Dessert

If you prefer frozen yogurt or marshmallow rice crispy treats to the traditional three-tiered cake, don’t feel pressured to comply with wedding traditions. Serve the dessert that you’re most in love with. The Dream Team loves creating donut bars, dessert buffets, incorporating cotton candy machines, or even an ice cream sundae bar served with lots of love for excited couples and their guests. Such a unique way to bring your personality to the table!

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Ready to personalize your wedding reception in style? The Dream Team can help! Contact us at hello@dreameventsandcatering.com to get started.