2017 Food Trends | Dream Events & Catering

Predicting food trends is such a treat for us – we love transforming already loved flavors into something new, or doing something unique like breakfast for dinner. 2017 food trends are going to be delicious, and we can’t wait to bring them to your events.

1. International Cuisine

Gone are the days of playing it safe and only serving the dishes we already know and love. 2017 is going to be about trying all things new – bringing international cuisine and fusing it into dinner parties and events. Indian, Asian and Latin spices and flavors will be a big trend in catering for the next year. Build-your-own displays like our Asian Lettuce Wrap Bar allow guests to choose how adventurous they want to be. This trend is also easy to introduce to guests using our next trend, incorporating foreign tastes with more recognizable ones.

Dream Events & Catering, Asian Lettuce Wrap Bar

(Photo by Ace Photography)

2. Crostini Bars

We love crostini (or wonton!) topped with dreamy deliciousness in either bar or passed formed – it’s a perfect way to give your guests their choice of flavors without overwhelming their appetites. There are the expected combinations, but you can also play with the menu to provide something special and unexpected if you choose. The best part about a bite-sized menu? You can make sure there is something for every dietary restriction, leaving no one hungry. The options are endless!

Want to try your hand at this yourself? Get the recipe for our Butternut Squash, Gorgonzola and Crispy Wonton right here! It’s one of our favorites and infuses a little bit of international flavor into a delicious bite sized canape.

Cedarwood Open House, Mar 2016 Jen & Chris Creed (10)

(Photo by Jen & Chris Creed)

3. Breakfast for Dinner

With the past year or two being very much about brunch, we’re so excited for this particular trend. Breakfast for dinner! And eating these delicious foods when the sun has already set is always a hit – after all, who can turn down sweet or savory waffles with all the fixin’s or made-from-scratch biscuit bar? We love breakfast foods making an appearance at any event, and trust us when we say the Dream Team whips up a truly unforgettable morning style meal.

Biscuit Bar, Dream Events & Catering Nashville Caterer (1)

4. More Plant-Based Dishes – For Everyone!

One of our favorite trends? Seeing even meat-eaters take a true liking to more plant-based entrees! We’re seeing an increased interest in vegetarian dishes and menus spurred on by an increased global awareness and healthier habits. This is where two trends naturally merge as meat-free international inspired curries, dumplings and saag are tasty enough to satisfy the most hard-fast of meat eaters.

Whatever the trends may be, we love when our clients make choices that are a true reflection of themselves and their personalities. Ready to take on these trends? Get in touch with the Dream Team at hello@dreameventsandcatering.com to get started!